What kind of hair extensions should I buy????

If you are looking to buy hair extensions for the first time, or you have bought some before but it didn’t go well, then you may have a million questions about what is the best kind of hair to buy and which is the safest method to use. Well look no further… we have all the answers right here!

What type of hair should I buy? Indian? Russian? Chinese? Brazillian????’

There are so many websites advertising different types of hair and it can be very confusing. We are here to give you the simple truth… There is really only a handful of choices and it is difficult to know what you are actually getting. More then 90% of the hair available is actually Indian and Chinese hair. There is no surplus of Peruvian, Russian and Brazilian women shaving their heads and donating it. That being said, there is almost too much Indian and Chinese hair available as a lot of it is donated to temples and then sold to the highest bidder. Most of this hair is bought from large Chinese factories looking to make money fast. They don’t care about quality or longevity. The care about making a quick sale and taking your money. They will call it Brazilian hair, Thai hair, Russian hair, Peruvian hair or whatever is the current trend…

But beware, it is probably just Indian or Chinese hair with a pretty label. This hair is normally dipped in an acid bath, which destroys the hair follicles and opens the hair up to quickly take color and bleach. Unfortunately, this quick processing leaves the hair broken, dry and feeling like horse hair. It will tangle almost immediately and likely last just a few weeks. Knowing this, the factories slather the hair in silicon so it feels silky, smooth and looks beautifully shiny. Good right? No. After a few washes, this silicon will wash off and you will be left with a head of tangled, coarse, dry hair.

There is a solution, and that solution is Slavic hair or better known as Russian Standard hair.

This hair is more difficult to source and there isn’t as much available but its quality far exceeds that of Chinese or Indian hair. Why? Firstly, the natural texture of the hair is softer and smoother then Indian and Chinese hair. Secondly, it is generally processed completely differently. Russian hair is usually processed without acid washing and uses no silicon, so the texture of the hair is the same from the first wash, to the very last wash.

This hair type will be more expensive because it is colored by hand, gently processed and more difficult for the supplier to get. This is not to say that Indian or Chinese hair can’t be beautiful too, if it’s processed in this gentle manner then it will be just as lovely, but that is rare to find.

Should I spend the money on Russian Standard hair?

That is entirely up to you. Indian or Chinese acid washed hair is cheap but will last a maximum of 2-3 months and then it will need to be replaced with a new set. If you buy 4 sets of cheap hair per year, it will end up costing you a lot. If you spend a bit more on Russian Standard hair, it will last you up to 2 years without needing to be replaced and without changing its beautiful texture. Remember, good quality hair looks more natural when blended with your own hair and thus requires less daily styling.

How will I know if it’s real Russian Standard or not?

The answer is quite simple, if a company truly believes in their product, they will offer a flexible return policy on hair that has been opened and tested. Many companies say you can return only unopened and unwashed hair, but how are we to know that it is bad quality until we wash it a few times? At Kesh Hair we allow you to take the hair out of the pack and we encourage you to wash it as many times as you like. This way, you will see that the quality never changes, the hair never tangles and the color never fades. Still not satisfied? Send it back, no questions asked.

Quality hair is out there… you just have to find it!

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