What kind of hair extensions should I buy????

If you are looking to buy hair extensions for the first time, or you have bought some before but it didn’t go well, then you may have a million questions about what is the best kind of hair to buy and which is the safest method to use. Well look no further… we have all […]

Why you should wear Tape In Hair Extensions above any other method

As the newest hair extension type on the market, tape in hair extensions are already becoming the most popular choice. There are many reasons to choose it over other methods, and despite the premium quality they still remain a low cost alternative. Users that are new to tape in hair extensions will learn to appreciate […]

How to choose non damaging hair extensions- by Kesh Hair

Non damaging hair extensions by Kesh Hair As most of you know, without proper research and knowledge, some hair extensions can be damaging to your natural hair. In some cases a person will end up with dry, broken and damaged hair after a few months of having extensions. The good news is that by doing […]

Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, Double Drawn Hair- What is the difference?

WHAT IS REMY HAIR? Remy is todays standard of hair extensions. It is not a hair manufacturer or a brand, just a name that is used to describe hair that has come from one donor, with the cuticles in-tact and all hairs still aligned in their natural growth pattern (all cuticles going in the same […]