Hand Tied Wefts

Available in 22″ and 24″ length

Hand Tied Wefts are tied by hand and are very delicate. They can lay extremely flat and appear almost undetectable! As they are made by hand, they CANNOT be cut on the seam or they will unravel and shed. You can stack up to 4-6 on one row and are compatible will all hair types! Hand Tied Wefts do have a small mustache of return hair under the seam that can be trimmed.

  • Kesh Hair lasts 9 months to 1 year + with proper care
  • Weight of the 22” hair per bag: 55 Grams (3 x 11” widewefts, each weft is 18.33g)
  • Weight of the 24” hair per bag: 60 Grams (3 x 11” wide wefts, each weft is 20g)