Machine Wefts

Kesh Hair’s Machine Wefts are sewn by a machine so the seam is thicker and has a “mustache” of return hair under the seam. These hairs can be trimmed if desired! Machine wefts can be doubled or sometimes tripled if the natural hair can handle the weight. They are ideal for medium to thick hair, very versatile and CAN be cut on the weft.

  • Kesh hair lasts 9 months to 1 year+ with proper care
  • Length is 22″
  • Weight of the hair per bag: 55 Grams
  • Weft is 23″ wide

NEW! Kesh High-Vol Machine Wefts 22"

Looking for a color in the Classic Machine Wefts? We are replacing the machine wefts with our new High-Vol Machine Wefts.   All colors are available in the High-Vol Wefts.

Kesh Hair’s High-Vol Machine Wefts: 145 grams – Maximun Volume!