Q. What is the difference between the Hand Tied Wefts and the Micro Wefts? 

     A.  Hand Tied wefts are very delicate and lay flat against the scalp.  The hair is tied onto a string by hand.  This creates a “moustache” aka return hair and the weft CANNOT be cut.  Micro Wefts also lay flat against the scalp and are even smaller than hand tied wefts.  The hair is pressed into a polyurethane material which results in a weft line that does NOT have a moustache and it CAN be cut.  You cannot, however, color the weft line.

Q.  What is double drawn hair?

    A.  This means that at least 80% of the hair is the same length from weft line to ends.  Why not 100%?  Because our hair naturally tapers at the ends, and without some shorter hairs, this would result in an unnatural looking blunt end (much like a horse tail).

Q.  How do I track my package?

    A.  When your order has been completed, you will receive an email that contains the tracking number from Kesh Hair & from the shipping company.  You can also log into your account and find the tracking number in the order details.

Q. My payment won’t go through?

    A.  The most common reason for failed payments is the billing address entered does not match the billing address for the card being used.  Please double check the billing address on the order matches the address that the bank has for your card.  

    A.  The payment gateway doesn’t support the card being used.  We have 3 checkout options on the website; the onscreen credit card checkout – this is for VISA and MASTERCARD only.  Visa DEBIT and MC Debit are not supported on this checkout.  Paypal Checkout – all card types are accepted, including visa/MC debit.  You do not need to have a paypal account.  Select the credit card checkout option below the paypal login to checkout as guest.  Stripe Checkout – all card types are accepted, however this checkout can be picky with certain smaller banks.

    A.  Your bank has blocked the payment.  Please call your bank/card to authorize the transaction.

Q.  What does backorder mean?

    A.  An item is placed on backorder when it has completed production and is enroute from our factory to our distribution warehouse.  Back ordered items will ship out to you within a maximum of 10 business days from when you place your order.   Out of stock means that the product is currently in production (without a set ETA for completion) and will be placed on backorder as soon as production completes.

Q.  How do I return or exchange an order?

    A.  Our return and exchange policy and procedures can be found here.

For any exchanges, the hair must be returned to us before any new hair can be sent out.  We reccommend placing a new order for the new hair to be shipped immediately, and follow the return instructions for the hair you wish to exchange.  Once we receive the hair back, you will receive a refund for the product.

Q.  Where does the hair come from?

    A.  The hair we use today is collected by buyers that announce monthly visits.  Those who wish to sell their hair will negotiate a fair price and have their ponytails cut for sale.  This process happens in villages, towns, and even some larger cities throughout many different Slavic regions.  Kesh Hair purchases high quality ponytails from a variety of sourcing teams which we then move over to China for their expert manufacturing and coloring techniques.

Q.  How many grams do I need?

    A.  This will depend on a few things…what is the density/length/texture of your natural hair and are you looking to add volume, length, or both to your natural hair?

18″ extensions – each pack of 18″ hair is 50g.  For density: 1-2 packs (50-100g).  For length: 2-3 packs (100-150g).

22″ extensions – each pack of 22″ hair is 55g.  For density: 1-2 packs (55-110G).  For length: 2-3 packs (110-165g).

24″ extensions – each pack of 24″ hair is 60g.  For density: 1-2 packs (60-120g).  For length: 3-4 packs (180-240g).

*the longer the extensions are from the natural hair, the more packs you will need to increase the density at the ends.  This is all dependant on the thickness and length of your natural hair.

Q.  Can I cut the Micro Wefts?

    A.  Yes!  The micro wefts can be cut along the weft line without the risk of shedding.

Q.  What are the Micro Wefts lengths and grams per package?

    A.  The micro wefts are available in the most variety of lengths.

18″ – 50 grams

22″ – 55 grams

24″ – 60 grams

Q.  What are ‘Singles’?

    A.  Our Micro Wefts and Hand Tied wefts are available in single packs that give you greater flexibility to customize your color and add that little bit extra without buying a full pack.  Each single weft is approx. 10″ long and 18″ – 16.66g, 22″ – 18.33g, 24″ – 20g.