Professional Accounts

Professionals & Stylists- We’re happy to offer exclusive pricing and a stylist discount for all professional licensed stylists. Hand Tied Wefts, Flat Wefts and Fusion Hair are only available to professionals and an account is required to order.

Here’s how to set up your professional account!


Create an account for your orders.

Your account MUST be created in order for us to upgrade the account to professional status.


Upon very fast approval, we will change your account to a pro stylist account. When logged in you will be able to order anytime using the professional rate. You will receive a confirmation email or text message within 24 hours letting you know of your pro stylist account upgrade.

Note: You will NOT need to enter a promotion code, your stylist pricing is automatically attached to the account you login with.



Text 1 877-331-4403


Whatsapp: +1 604 518-2353