We are very excited to announce our new textured hair line – Waving Me Softly- By Kesh Hair Inc.. Available in 22″ Micro Weft!

Each pack is 55g and has 1 x 30″ long weft.

Waving me softly- By Kesh will air dry with a soft natural wave. For an even wavier result, dry hair thoroughly with a diffuser.

We HIGHLY recommend following the below care guidelines:

  • Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week and professional oils twice a day. Moisture, moisture, moisture!
  • Always use a salon grade oil twice a day
  • Brush well before showering
  • Braid before bed, swimming and other fitness activities

In and after the shower:

Use only professional shampoo/conditioner and use a wide tooth comb or fingers to brush through the ends with conditioner

  • Towel dry hair thoroughly and apply leave in conditioner
  • Gently comb hair with a wide tooth comb
  • Blow dry weft line and roots
  • Apply professional oil or serum

Please note: Waving me softly- By Kesh is meant for clients that will primarily be air drying or diffusing their hair to wear naturally. We do not recommend excessive heat use.

Full disclosure: Our wavy hair is made using slightly naturally wavy hair bundles in which the waves we then gently chemically enhanced. This will slightly change the tones of the blondes from the color ring and may appear a bit warmer. Extra moisture is essential for to ensure a maximum life span.