Available in 22″ length

Keratin tip bonds (K-Tip) extensions are installed with an individual, strand-by-strand method using a heat wand to safely melt the keratin tips onto your own hair.

  • Available length 22″
  • Texture- Wavy
  • 22″ packs have approx. 25 x 1 gram strands
  • Hair is double drawn
  • Single Donor Hair (hair comes from one person so that it does not tangle)

Welcome to our textured hair line: Waving Me Softly- Available in 22″ Micro Weft & 22″ K-Tips

Our wavy hair will air dry with a soft natural wave. For an even wavier result, dry hair thoroughly with a diffuser.

Please note: Waving me softly- By Kesh is meant for clients that will primarily be air drying or diffusing their hair to wear naturally. We do not recommend excessive heat use.

Full disclosure: Our wavy hair is made using slightly naturally wavy hair bundles in which the waves we then gently chemically enhanced. This will slightly change the tones of the blondes from the color ring and may appear a bit warmer. Extra moisture is essential for to ensure a maximum life span.

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