Bead Removal Pliers


In stock

In stock



    • Kesh Hair Extensions Bead Removal Pliers
    • Pliers made from Stainless Steel
    • Comfortable and stylish
    • Used to safely open and remove stubborn beads

Safely open and remove stubborn beads without any damage to your clients hair. Can also be used to clamp beads (great 2-1 tool)!

NEW! Kesh Micro Wefts 22" - Singles

Our top selling Micro Wefts are now available to purchase as single wefts AKA “Singles”! You can use this option to customize your own color blends, use single wefts to create subtle lowlights or highlights to our existing packs or give your client a ‘refresh’ of new hair by adding in 1-2 new wefts!

Limited colors now available in Micro Weft 18″ ‘Singles’