Wholesale & Professional Accounts

Professionals & Stylists- Receive 15% off regular retail prices every time with no minimum order required (easy and fast account set-up required)

Here’s how to set up your professional account!


Email or text us the following information:

  • Your personal name
  • Business name/ Salon you work for / Freelance name
  • Social media link to verify your professional status
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number

One we receive this information, we will set up your professional account and send you a confirmation email and price list. You will then we able to send your order directly via:

 Text message +1 (877) 331-4403                                                                                  Call our customer care at +1 (877) 331-4403                                                      Through email: info@keshhair.com                                                                 WhatsApp +1 604 518-2353

STEP TWO (optional)

If you would like the ability to order online using your professional pricing instead of ordering directly via email or text message:

Please visit the login page on our website and register for a new account. Once you receive an email confirming your account has been set up, please reply back to that email requesting that your online account be changed to “professional status”

Your account will then be unlocked to view and order your professional pricing and products directly on the website

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