Wholesale & Professional Accounts

Professionals & Stylists- Receive 15% off regular retail prices every time with no minimum order required (easy and fast account set-up required)

Wholesale pricing – Receive up to 30% off retail prices with minimum order requirements (easy and fast account set-up required)

For all professional and wholesale accounts please contact us directly and be sure to include the following:

  • Your personal name
  • Business name/ Salon you work for / Freelance name
  • Social media link to verify your professional status
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
Contact us and submit your professional/ wholesale account request via :

Email- Info@keshhair.com

Telephone- +1 (604) 518-2353

Whatsapp- +1 (604) 518-2353

All professionals & Stylists or Wholesale accounts can place their orders via the following methods for your convenience:

1. Order directly through your assigned sales rep (call/ text/ email/ Whatsapp)               ** easiest method **
2. Call our customers care at +1 (604) 518-2353
3. Send your order through email: info@keshhair.com
4. Order online using your personal 15% promo code (not available for wholesale accounts)

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