Tape In extensions are great for adding volume and length to your hair. With Kesh Hair Extensions you can choose from a range of colors to match your own hair or add in highlights, lowlights or a dip dye (Ombre) look. These semi-permanent extensions can quickly change your whole look with installation possible in under an hour. Your tapes only need to be maintained (moved up) every 6-7 weeks. All Kesh extensions made from 100% Remy Russian Standard hair.

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Double drawn hair is top of the line. Time is taken to pick hairs from multiple donors so that the majority of the hair (about 88-90%) is the same length. This hair is more expensive than Single Drawn hair because it takes much more time to sift through and match up the lengths. Double drawn hair is almost the same thickness from top to bottom for a very healthy and natural look. Single drawn hair will appear thinner on the ends and is more suitable for someone looking to add only a small amount of volume.